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Season's greetings , I painted this card for you
December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and a happy new year ( and happy holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas)!

May the new year bring changes to the better - better health, better well-being, better sense of security in this crazy world. I wanted to wish that your dreams come true, and stopped to reflect on what it really means. A gift. A nice surprise. We all want to dream up our future, and get what we want without effort. Wouldn't it be nice? In reality, we have better chances of getting what we want if we have a plan, and maintain our focus.

So what do you want to get in 2013?

Many people wish for more money. They don't realize that good health is more important that wealth. Being poor doesn't mean you will have bad health, but having bad health increases your chances of being poor.

My focus will stay on health. If you plan to preserve or improve your health, here is how I plan to help you. I will:

- Keep posting recipes and sharing cooking ideas that make your cooking healthier without too much effort. ( If you fend off heart disease and cancer, and lose weight - you will beat statistics. My meals will help you in that)

- Start reviewing healthy food products available in our supermarkets (now working on top 10 healthy Costco buys..)

- Share approaches to exercise and fitness that I put to test. (If you need to lose or maintain weight, you will have to move more - but how much more? I'd like to spend the least time and get the most benefit. )

My best wishes to you and yours,

Here is a card I painted for you using a new iPad app:

Cheers, Olga
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