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Are you growing THIS miracle plant,?
April 14, 2010

If you were to grow only one plant in your garden , what would it be? If you had only one container on your deck, what would you put there?

Many of us, including me, are thinking of the best plants to grow this year. Let me tell you about one of my personal favourites:

  • How about a plant that protects your body in many ways?
  • A plant that can beat the effects of age on your skin, strenghen yout bones, reduce or prevent tumors?
  • A plant that support healthy heart and immune system?

This miracle plant is well familiar to you - yet many people don't find full use for it in their kitchen and home.

Drum roll.... How about PARSLEY?

Thats right, humble parsley has so much vitamin A, C and K, that it is essential for healthy bones and skin. It has so many flavonoids that it is proven to provide protection from tumors, including cancer.

Here are some ideas on using parlsey:

  • Use it in soups, stews, dips, and salads.
  • Use it in smoothies! Here is my little secret - if you add half a bunch of parsley to a banana or berry smoothie, you will not feel its taste at all! How is that instead of boring vitamin pills with questionable effects on your body?
  • Parsley masks have a proven anti-aging, whitening and tonic effect on your skin.

Tonic, anti-aging parsley masks are equally good for men and women:

  • Feed your skin: Mince 2 springs of parsley with a strawberry or banana.
  • Firming effect: Mince parley and mix with a tablespoon of an egg white.
  • Oily skin: Blend oatmeal flakes and mix with minced parsley.
  • Dry skin: Mix minsed parsley with non-fat cottage cheese.

Apply to your face ( and neck, except the mask for the oily skin) for 15-20 minutes for tonic and anti-aging effect. Relax face muscles, watch some TV or read a book. Gently remove using warm water and finish the procedure by wiping your face with an ice cube.

What is that one plant that YOU would grow and why? Share your views here - no login required. Help other readers create that list of best plants to grow in your vegetable garden.

To your health!

P.S. If you find this message helpful, please forward it to your friends and family. Everyone deserves great health!

P.P.S. Naturally occuring oxalates in parlsey may be not so useful for people with kidney and gallbladder problems. Avoid eating big amounts of parsley if this is a concern.
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