Benefits Of Celery Juice

by Heidi

My son is approaching the age of social eating - that is, selective, friend-induced pickiness. He has always been the best eater. His favorite foods as a toddler were avocados, grape tomatoes, and red bell peppers. He ate everything I put in front of him.

But the other day, after his little friend refused his celery sticks, SO DID MY SON! Oh, it made me mad. He loves celery!

So I pulled out my preschool-picky-eater trick - making food fun. I told the boys that they were not eating celery, but rather ants on a log. I added peanut butter and raisins to all of the celery sticks, then returned them to their owners. Both boys ate the sticks, and actually asked for more.

Why would I go to the trouble of making these little veggies more appealing for my four-year-old? Because, as with most vegetables, celery contains great nutritional benefit.

Primarily, celery is highly anti-inflammatory, especially in regards to the digestive tract. This is especially important with modern children, where the overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics is rampant. Antibiotics are important for eliminating bacterial-based infections, but the overuse and inappropriate use of them not only causes disease to mutate and strengthen, but also wreaks havoc on children’s gastrointestinal tracts. Thus, eating celery will first provide immune strength to fight the infection, but also allow relief for medicine-induced intestinal inflammation.

Celery is very antioxidant-rich, with phytonutrients proven to benefit blood vessel health and reduce oxidative cell damage. These antioxidants have proven to decrease tumor cells and prevent stomach and colon cancers.

Finally, celery is very beneficial to your child’s circulation and cardiovascular health. Phytonutrients found in celery help to lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, and decrease arterial inflammation. And in a society where heart disease is the leading cause of death, one can never worry about heart disease too much.

So, now that my son is becoming more socially picky, I’ve found the easiest ways to incorporate celery into our diet is hiding it - sometimes in peanut butter and raisins, but more frequently in juices. At first I thought he would turn up his nose to juicing and my green juices but he didn't. In fact he sipped on them as if they were as sweet as orange juice. If any of you have ever tried any green juices, you know that they take some time getting used to. The fresh veggie/earthy taste is very new to most. Of course I have found that he doesn't like all of my juices and that is why I have made it a point to record the ones he and I like and the ones we do not like.

I have added some of our liked celery juices on Some of my favorite are the savory celery recipes with tomatoes, carrots, and kale. All of these ingredients are packed with nutrients and I love the feeling of knowing that my son is getting the vitamins and minerals that his body needs.

Cheers! May your health be merry and gastrointestinal be bright!

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