Best easy hummus recipes

Hummus recipes come handy when you are in the time crunch and need to cook healthy food, and quickly! Most of the commercial hummus gets its taste from additives, natural taste enchancers, and fat content. Homemade hummus recipes don't. They are wonderful without "natural flavours", getting their naturally delicious taste from whole food ingredients.


hummus recipes - hummus with herbs and lime

Bon appetite! Did not I tell you it was easy and quick?  

Add baba ganoush, grilled pita, and you have a feast!

Side by side with hummus, you can always find baba ganoush on the middle Eastern and mediterranian menu. These two traditional meals complement each other wonderfully. For a great healthy warm salad recipe, visit my friend David's Baba Ganoush Page at his great website featuring authentic mediterranean recipes.


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