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Moroccan chick pea stew recipe

Moroccan chick pea stew

Delicious, exquisite and comforting - these are the right words to describe this Moroccan chick pea stew. Recipe is not quick'n'easy, and requires quite a few ingredients, but the result is dramatically tasty and healthy. Wonderful main course meal, high in protein and fiber.


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It’s safe here. Whatever you choose to cook is going to be good for you and taste great. All possible dangers are removed and unhealthy ingredients are replaced with healthy ones in these delicious and simple healthy recipes. They were tested and step-by-step instructions are listed so that even a teen who never cooked can cook a delicious healthy meal! They are low fat and contain only healthy fats.

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Is comforting food a synonym to unhealthy food?

Food is comforting and everyone has his or her favorites he or she is emotionally attached to... Just as I admit this, I recall my grandma’s pancakes. It was long before the “whole wheat” era. I immediately feel that mouth-watering effect as my brain helpfully pulls the picture of a pancake mountain, soaking in syrup and butter!

Did you notice that most of the comforting foods are unhealthy? They are very high in fat, sugar and animal protein. Eating them day in and day out is like digging our own grave with a spoon and a fork.

Many people these days feel depressed, bloated, or simply lack energy. Others experience migraines, chest pain and allergies for years– and do not realize that unhealthy foods they eat have a lot to do with this.

Now you can eat without guilt. Most of these yummy healthy recipes are vegan or made vegan because less animal protein is good for you. If you are overweight, I guarantee you will lose some weight by eating this type of menu. If you have cardiovascular problems or high cholesterol, these are heart healthy choices for you.

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