Healthy salad recipes

Healthy salad recipes can make or break your progress on the way to healthier and leaner you. Most salads these days are so loaded with fat and food additives sneaking into your food from dressing that they become detrimental to your health. Avoid them like a plaque. Here are healthy salad recipes that help digestion of large meals, hydrate your cells, and help your body to get rid of excess weight and toxins. They are quick and easy; so you won't need to spend much time on the kitchen.

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My Favourite Healthy Salad This Month?

kale and hemp hearts salad

Kale And Hemp Hearts Salad

What is a healthy salad, anyway? Find an answer here.


Green salad recipes

Healthy pasta salad recipesorzo salad with sundried tomatoes

Try to use whole-wheat pasta for the best health benefits.

More vegetable salad recipes...

Tips how to make a healthy salad

To create healthy salads, the rule of the thumb is to use only healthy ingredients:

  • Making your own dressing will bring the most benefit since it will eliminate MSG, hydrogenated fats and artificial sweeteners from your salad. The easiest dressing is balsamic vinegar with olive oil, salt and pepper ( and orange juice if necessary). Check out my low carb easy healthy Tahini Salad Dressing;
  • Reduce oil - too much oil, even the healthy type, is proven to contribute to heart disease. Besides, it makes your salad a really high calorie meal and works against your weight loss goals if you have any. Check out low fat diet salad dressings. For example, Dr. Ornish'es diet cookbooks contain low fat salad dressing recipes created by the best US chefs.
  • Use organic ingredients - pesticides, GMO, and hormones are out. This is the toughest part for those of us who live on a budget. If you find it hard to purchase organic ingredients, there is another way to reduce intake of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides that people don't think about: Reducing your meat intake. Because meat of big animals accumulates much higher amounts of these harmful chemicals than plants, your best bet in pursuing more organic living is to eliminate meat or reduce it as much as possible.
  • Use local ingredients or grow your own - ensure best nutritional value.
  • Eliminate animal protein as well, especially in the form of bacon bits and chicken. It's in your best interest. If you eat meat, you will receive it from the other meals. Making your salad animal protein free is one important step in cancer prevention.
  • Know healthy salad components! If you are in the weight loss mode, using potato, feta cheese or raisins in your salad is not the best choice. If you want to gain weight, use more oil, feta, pasta, and nuts.

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