How Probiotics Help You Lose Weight... And 7 Ways To Get Them In Your System

You’ve probably heard that probiotics are good for you. What you may have not realized is the extent to which those bacteria in your gut affect your mood, your weight loss, your health and your behavior. If you don’t feel healthy, if you need to lose weight, consider this simple way to turn things around without medications.

First, some fun numbers. If you knew that:

  • Your body consists of one trillion cells, and hosts ten trillion bacteria cells…
  • There are 100 times more genes of bacteria currently on you and inside of you than your own genes…
  • Those bacteria, both good and bad, act together as a group to get what they want...

Wouldn't you want to make sure that you host good bacteria which keeps you healthy and lean?

"So you think of yourself as a human being, I think of your as 90 to 99 percent bacterial. And these bacteria are not passive riders."

Says researcher Bonnie Bassler in her fascinating TED talk “How bacteria "talk"1

Bad bacteria impacts

Cannot fight sugary food cravings? You are fighting against an army of bad bacteria that feeds on it. Bacteria can make its host crave sugars and bad foods.

Have difficulty losing weight? Are you depressed, fatigued, irritable? Do you have headaches, problems concentrating, muscle weakness, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, or swollen joints? Bad bacteria and results of its activity can be the root cause of all these issues.

Good bacteria benefits

Good bacteria in your gut (also called probiotics) would reduce inflammation, benefit your mood, boost your weight loss, and even reduce allergies.

Good bacteria will fight bad bacteria if there is enough of it in your gut.

You need to help that fight because the stakes are so high for you.

So if you are struggling with your diet because you are addicted to sugar, which is quickly becoming the root of all evil, you need to work on populating your gut with the right bacteria.

Did you know that obese and lean people host very different bacteria?

According to Dr. Mercola2, scientists have discovered that obese individuals have a bacterial strain named firmicutes in much greater abundance than in leaner individuals, who have mostly bacteroidetes strain. This firmicutes bacteria is a champion in converting sugar to body fat. That’s partly the reason why it’s so hard to lose weight for its unfortunate hosts.

When they start to slim down, bacterial profile in their body changes as well. They get more and more bacteroidetes.

Researchers also discovered that as much as 20 percent of the weight loss achieved from gastric bypass, a popular weight loss surgery, is actually due to shifts in the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract.

Seven ways to make good bacteria work for you

  1. Eat diet rich in unprocessed and unpasteurized foods
  2. Reduce sugar. For example, DASH diet allows for only 1 tsp a day. One Tim Horton’s muffin can contain 30 g sugar!
  3. Take probiotic supplement – especially when you are taking antibiotics
  4. Avoid food containing antibiotics – which is most of the conventionally grown meat on the market. Check for “Raised Without Antibiotics” label
  5. Wherever you can, try to buy organic food. It doesn’t contain chemicals that kill your gut flora and doesn’t contain GMO
  6. Eat fermented foods ( pickled foods)
  7. Drink fermented drinks.

While your gut bacteria has control over you, you, too, can control your gut bacteria population by the food that you choose to eat every day. Your bacterial profile quickly changes in response to the food you provide.


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1. Ted Talk: How bacteria talk
2. Probiotics and weight management

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