Vegetarian high protein recipes

High protein recipes are easy to create with meat and fish, but what if you are a vegetarian or simply don’t want to increase your meat intake? high protein recipes

In such case, try my vegan and vegetarian high protein recipes. They are all plant based, so they are good for you. And if you are a meat eater, instead of eating more chicken breasts, add one or two meals from my list to your menu.


How much protein should you target?

The answer is, it depends on your goal.

  • Regular whole food vegetarian diet supplies an average of 12.5% of calories from protein1, and this is enough for healthy weight maintenance and meeting dietary guidelines. So if you are a vegetarian and you worry how to get more protein, good news for you is - you probably get enough.
  • For vegetarian athletes, 15-20% protein is ideal. If you are playing sports or run marathon, that’s how much you need.
  • For fat loss and muscle gain, the ratio should be boosted to 20-30% of all calories you consume2.

How can you boost your protein?

You can drink whey or soy isolates protein drinks 5 times a day, or you can eat natural whole foods that are high in protein. Whole foods are healthy vegetarian choices for protein. They can also be consumes individually or put together in a high protein meal.

The choice is yours!

If you decide in favor of natural whole foods - good for you. Let me break the news though – it is very hard to do. Those foods come with natural balance of fat and protein, or carbs and protein, which makes creating a high protein vegetarian meal an art.

Vegetarian weight loss plan

From my experience of designing vegetarian weight loss plans, it’s hard enough to calculate calorie composition of your home-made meals, split them into portions, and ensure that your overall daily intake stays on target. Excluding lean meat, which contains mostly protein, makes it even bigger challenge.

I took on this challenge and cannot wait to share my results with you!

Get ready to boost your protein intake with my whole foods high protein vegetarian meals that are strategically designed to contain high protein foods, and little or no milk products... Bookmark this page, as I post recipes every week as I continue my 100 days fat loss journey... Ten pounds less and counting!

Vegetarian and vegan high protein recipes


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1.Larson-Meyer, D.Enette. Vegetarian sports nutrition.

2.Tom Venuto. Burn the fat, feed the muscle

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