Best Easy Cabbage Recipes

Do you REALLY have time to browse through hundreds of cabbage recipes provided by major recipes websites? How about a short list of the best easy and healthy cabbage recipes, both traditional and modified, carefully tested by someone with 20 years of experience in cooking cabbage?

Russian pickled cabbage

I grew up enjoying Russian and Ukrainian cousine, a staple food of which is cabbage. I consider myself just as experienced in cooking it as the Japanese in making their sushi.

Here you will find traditional Russian and Ukrainian healthy recipes using cabbage, such as pickled white and red cabbage, Russian style cabbage soup, and Ukrainian borscht. When I say "traditional", I mean it... I still own those old culinary books with my grandma's comments and old style bookmarks...

The problem with cabbage recipes is that most recipes add too much fat to them, completely negating all the health benefits that cabbage has to offer. In some traditional Ukrainian recipes, for example, I had to cut oil by 1/2 cup - and still was able to cook a great meal!

I post only the most healthy and easy vegetarian and vegan cabbage recipes. I have "veganized" some of them from the original ones. Enjoy, and please share them with your friends using social buttons for Google +1, Facebook and StumbleUpon.

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Why use recipes for cabbage?

Cabbage is a cheap healthy food that made it to the top healthy food list. Cabbage protects from cancer, assists with losing weight and provides diverse nutrition that no animal protein-based food can provide. Too bad there no special board in the North America to promote cabbage. I have to take this issue into my own hands.

Cabbage is wildly popular in Germany (kraut), Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. In these countries, it is called "kapusta". Kapusta, or cabbage, recipes are treasured in every family, exchanged with friends, and remembered by heart. Using a lot of cabbage plays an important role in disease prevention. For example, studies conclude that Polish women, raised on the traditional Polish diet, have significantly lower breast cancer rates than Polish women eating the North American diet; and Polish men have lower mortality rates of lung cancer than their North American counterparts, despite their heavy smoking habits.

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I hope you will try these easy cabbage recipes, and get converted into using cabbage in your cooking more often. Cabbage is cheaper than goji berries and other antioxidants, and it's effectiveness for cancer prevention and weight loss is proven in studies.

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90% of visitors find this site on Google. This is the system I followed to get 1000 visitors per day:
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