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In order to learn healthy cooking, one should have a basic understanding, what's inside the food that is so valuable, what foods to choose, and how to cook to preserve nutrients in food. Even nutrient dense food can be made unhealthy with improper cooking. If you were to do one thing for your health, your best bet is to start making your own meals using principles of healthy cooking, and control what's going inside your body.


Does cooking affect minerals and vitamins in food? Click to find out:

Cooking food: what happens to the nutrients?

Macrobiotics teaches that the quality of our health is primarily determined by our daily food choices (we literally are what we eat!) as well as our activities and lifestyle. Each day - through our choices - we can create or lose our health.

The word Macrobiotics means “great life”: it is derived from the Greek words "macro" meaning "large" or "great" and "bio" meaning life. Macrobiotics has been around for thousands of years and was used by Hippocrates.

Macrobiotics principle is to cook to preserve and bring out nutrients in food to achieve proper balance in the body and ultimate health. Learn eight techniques of healthy cooking according to macrobiotics.

Macrobiotic cooking: what happens to the nutrients?

Find out about the nutritional transformation of meat during cooking. Compare the effects of different cooking methods on nutrient retention in meat.

Cooking meat: what happens to the nutrients?

Dehydrating is an excellent way to preserve nutrients in food and create healthy food snacks. Since your food will be dried using low temperature heat, most of the beneficial components of your food, such as enzymes and vitamins, will survive processing. Dehydrating preserves the most vitamins compared to all other healthy cooking methods. Dehydrator comes especially handy when the harvest is generous or when you bought fruit or vegetables in bulk.

See for yourself how easy it is to start dehydrating:

Dehydrating fruit

Dehydrating vegetables

Can you start cooking healthy on a shoe string budget? You sure can! In fact,oftentimes bulk healthy food is cheaper that packaged processed one. Here are some ideas for healthy cooking on a budget

What if you have no time or talent to cook your own meals? Everyone can make a smoothie - it takes less than a minute. Find the list of recipes for healthy cooking here.

Food responds to our soul's dreams and our stomach's appetite. Choose healthy food, and experience a taste of home healthy cooking. Bon appetite!


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