Cantaloupe Kale juice recipe against flu and cold... And more!

This cantaloupe kale juice recipe provides a lot of Vitamin C, defying common knowledge that orange juice is the best supplier of it. Both cantaloupe and kale provide abundance of Vitamin C. What's important is that cantaloupe is a natural supplier of a blood thinning compound called adenosine. This is great because it will balance kale that contains much of Vitamin K, knowly to increase blood viscosity. Most of us might not care, but this is important for people who take blood thinnners. Top five other benefits include:

  • Protection from cold and flu;
  • Slows down of prevents macular degeneration;
  • Protects or improves eyesight;
  • Strengthens your bones;
  • Reduces risk of death from stroke and heart disease

    So one day I bought this cantaloupe for my fruit salad, but it turned out too firm. Firm? Perfect for the juicer! This is how this cantaloupe kale juice recipe was born.

    watermelon kale juice recipe

    Where to buy kale juice?

    People ask this question a lot, and the answer is, I don't know. I have never seen kale juice sold in health stores, unlike wheat grass juice that is expensive, but at least available. Making kale juice at home is very easy though, and if you grow a lot of kale, this could be your best choice. You will take advantage of 100% nutrients preserved because your kale gets straight from your vegetable garden into your juicer.

    What's in this kale juice recipe?

    This recipe produces 5 cups of kale juice. Each cup contains your two days' required amount of Vitamin C, and five days amount of Vitamins A and K, 20% of your daily Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

    To make this juice, I used parsley, kale, swiss chard, carrots, and watermelon. Look at this picture and tell me honestly, can you really eat this much greens just because they are good for you?

    Kale Juice Recipe - ingredients

    Watermelon Kale Juice Recipe

    • 6 medium carrots
    • 1 bunch of parsley
    • 4 leaves of Swiss chard
    • watermelon - 1/8 of medium one
    • 5 cups of kale.. About 15 medium leaves of dinosaur kale
    1. Wash and peel carrots. Wash apples and parsley. Cut the watermelon out of its skin into long slim pieces or cubes.
    2. Cut carrots lengthwise to fit into your juicer .
    3. If your juicer can process kale without mixing it with carrots, do it to get carrot pulp separated from the greens. Otherwise, alternate pieces of kale, apple, and carrot.
    4. Separate carrot pulp and put it into the zip lock bag to use in baking.
    5. Freeze kale pulp for homemade bouillon.

    This amount produces five portions. You can store kale juice in tightly closed jar for one day.

    Tip: If you take omega-3 supplements, whether fish oil or vegetarian, take them with your kale juice. This will help Vitamin A to absorb much better as it is oil-soluble.


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