Start cooking healthy with home food dehydrator

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Your kids don't steal broccoli...

Wish they did? Get a dehydrator.

Buying snacks?
Beware of unhealthy chemicals, MSG and saturated fats...
Using an oven?
High temperatures destroy vitamins...

Discover the dehydrator - the healthiest way to cook with little effort. It dries food at temperatures so low that all the vitamins stay in, and your food's natural flavor intensifies. Slice fruit and veggies to create delicious chips that help improve the health of the whole family!

What if your kids don't like veggies? No problem! Blend that broccoli into the dough for crackers that even they will enjoy. Kids love the savoury vegetable crackers and nutritional berry bars - guaranteed!

When they reach for a treat, they will enjoy its naturally sweet, crunchy feel...

And they won't even know

you snuck broccoliinto their snacks !

Bring an Excalibur home

excalibur dehydrator

Excalibur's patented technology and superb quality make their dehydrators the best on the planet. For 20 years this family business was producing and perfecting only one product-dehydrators.

Buy directly from the manufacturer and have your Excalibur shipped to your home!

Check out the most versatile food dehydrator: Excalibur 3000 series

buy a dehydrator


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