Good reading on the topic of healthy eating

by Jeff

I am brand new to "eating healthy." Although I'm in pretty good shape (I'm pretty active), I have not had very good eating habits thus far in my life (I'm 40 years old).

I came across your website and found it very helpful and informative. I was wondering if you could recommend some good books and/or literature to help me get started on understanding what exactly it means to eat healthy. I feel like I need some good reading to understand the "big picture."

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Best books to start eating healhier

by Olga

Hello Jeff,
I thought about book selection that would sharpen your understanding of healthy eating topic instead of confusing you even more, and came up with three books.

#1 is The China Study. Written by the giant in the field of nutrition, Dr. Campbell, The China Study provides new angle on food and nutrition, supported by 40 years of research and peer-reviewed data. It will give you a good overview of relation of nutrition to different illnesses and some insight into the deep division in the medical community over this topic. I attended his lectures, and my impression of him was that he was an honest scientist who followed the results that his science produces instead of conforming and taking an easy road.

#2 is Dr. Blaylock's Health and Nutrition Secrets. Dr. Blaylock is a neurosurgeon with 20 years of experience of operating on people's brains, his angle is unique, as he writes about impact of excitotoxins and free radicals on your health. It is not only about MSG, aspartame, or Tylenol. It's about impact of different substances on the brain and body. It's about free radical sources, and free radicals theory currently is a prevailing theory in terms of causes of aging and sickness. I bet you never heard that, among other situations, rigorous physical activity causes free radical production in the body? Dr. Blaylock goes deep into the topic of eating healthy vs taking drugs, yet he doesn't recommend to give up all the supplements but to smartly tailor their consumption to your condition.

#3. Dr. Ornish, The Spectrum.
Dr. Ornish is a cardiologist, famous for his achievements in curing heart problems with diet. This book is amazing because it is not promoting "one size fits all" approach; instead, it acknowledges your individual needs and helps you tailor your diet to your personal needs and lifestyle. It also includes recipes. You will see a lot of fanatics acting like food police in the area of nutrition - as food is a very divisive topic- and Dr. Ornish'es approach is like a breese of fresh air.

As I see it, eating healthy means getting necessary amount of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants support your body and mind in healthy state in the long term, and eliminating content that is detrimental to one's health. For that, one needs to eat a wide variety of foods, many in raw state, preferably organic and from plant sources. I am not necessarily saying 'from plant sources only', but the share of those should be significantly increased. I digress...
You can find some of my articles on the topic of eating healthy here:
Eating Healthier. Brief and concise description of healthy and unhealthy foods, along with critical information on organic and alkaline foods, here:Healthy foods to eat.

Best regards and wishes of good health,

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