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How to gain weight
by: Olga

Hello Shelley,

Having exactly opposite problem, I am tempted to say that your son is lucky to have fast metabolism. But I do know that this is a real problem for young guys who want to look and be muscular. They don't see fast metabolism as such a blessing.

My recipes on this site won't help you as they all are meant to help lose weight. I recommend cooking healthy food with both high calorie content and nutritional density for him.
- Anything with high fat content is high calorie as fat provides 9 cal per gram as opposed to carbs and protein providing 4 cal.
- Combine this with high protein food and don't be shy to add good carbs.

The key is to make sure that this food is still healthy and nutritious. Otherwise, fast food would fit the profile ideally :)

The best examples of foods and recipes can be found in vegan sports nutrition and raw food recipes. Being restricted in ingredients, vegan athletes, bodybuilders, and raw foodists replace a lot of them with nuts and seeds.
Nuts and seeds are very high in good fats. So they are very high in calories, but goof for you.

Here are some ideas how to use food to gain weight:

1. If you subscribed to my newsletter, you received an e-book with 20 raw food recipes. Take a look how raw foodists use cashew and almond nut flour everywhere. Their recipes are very high in calories. Book's author, Caroline Hansen, is a fitness model, her e-book of raw food desserts and sweets will perfectly suit your purpose.
2. You could buy hemp nuts ( they are hemp seeds , really) and add them everywhere. They are very tasty. You could use them for yourself to improve health.
3. You could make LSA mix ( Linseed Sunflower Almond Mix) highly recommended by top bodybuilders. Flax seeds in LSA mix great sources of omega-3; they are loaded with nutrition.

3 cups linseeds (flaxseeds)
2 cups ? sunflower seeds
1 cup almonds (use raw almonds)
Grind, mix and sprinkle on cereals, yogurt, fruit salad, pasta, rice, smoothie.

What else you can do for your son:
- You can partly substitute flour with nut or flax seed flour when you bake
- You can replace milk with nut milk.
- Use coconut oil for baking and nutritional bars.
- Add more nuts and seeds to the diet. Create nuts/seeds mixes to put in the smoothie, sports bars, and morning cereal. Check out my cereal recipes.

Check out The Thrive Diet, a book by Brendan Brazier, who comes from BC, just like you. It contains a lot of very high calorie recipes. Brendan is a top ironman triathlete who uses vegan diet to improve his sports performance. His nut burger contains a daily allowance of calories for a woman like me. Your son will benefit from Brendan's diet.

Hope I gave you some good ideas. Good luck and please feel free to ask any further questions!

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