It's Easy to Grow Celery

by Carol

For the past several years I have grown Celery in my Herb garden. I find it very easy to grow.
I buy a flat of them (6 in a pk), early in the season. Not all places sell them already started, but there is one place here in my town.

I plant them in a part of the garden that has very rich soil, usually next to my parsley. Whenever I want a little Celery for a snack, salade, or just to add to my tuna sandwich, I head out the back door,to the garden, and break off a few stalks. It keeps growing all season. I'm not really sure if you're suppose to harvest the whole head, or not, but snipping off just what I need, works for me.

I used to think celery was hard to grow. I also thought that it grew (underground) like a carrot, but guess what? It doesn't! Fresh from your own garden sure beats store bought!
So if anyones ever thought about giving it a try, Go for it!

I know this is a site about vegetable gardening, but I would like to share with you gardeners my site about growing roses if I could. Take a look:

Happy Gardening,

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