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Thanks Mom
by: Mike

I was slightly overweight when I was about the age of your children. when I came home from school, my mom said that I needed to lose weight and said that if I was hungry, that I could eat fruit carrots or celery.

Looking back, I am glad she did (even if I was upset atthe time.) It got me started early losing weight, and learning how to lose weight.

Thanks, Mom.

List of healthy snacks for kids
by: Olga

Dear Sophie,

I'd love to give you a unique advice how to get healthy snacks without cooking, but unfortunately, choices are very limited. However, everything I list below can be purchased this day and age, in fact, a lot of healthy snacks are available at the health stores and on the raw food/organic food websites. There are very tasty artisan snacks out there, raw candy bars, and more.

So here are my ideas of healthy snacks for children that could be useful for your beautiful "fridge raiders":
1. Kids don't eat enough fruit these days, and they need them as a source of energy. Apple slices, pears, pineapples, peaches, grapes, oranges and tangerines are excellent snacks for them. Pieces of fruit, cheese, and veggies can be set as a kabob on a toothpick which makes it also interesting to eat them.
2. Dehydrated fruit snacks. Every child who visited my home and tried dehydrated apples or pears ate them enthusiastically and asked for more. Home-dehydrated fruit contain no added sugar or color preservatives. They are high in fiber, that expands once it gets into their belly, so they are very filling and help the kids sustain till next meal easily.
3. Kids also don't eat enough vegetables. Slices of celery or carrots would be a good snack.
4. Veggies go really well with a dip, and I recommend bean dip or hummus with addition of different veggies or fruit for the color. Steamed spinach would make hummus green, and pumpkin would make it yellow and sweet'ish.
5. Whole-wheat homemade oatmeal cookies, granola bars, low-carb carrot cake - all these recipes can be made healthier by replacing fat and eggs with applesauce, bananas, or flax oil.
6. Berries
7. Veggie crackers, dehydrated. I make these from almond meal and veggies. They are crunchy and delicious, but in addition to this they are raw foods that kept their nutrition intact.

Hope this list got your imagination going. You are the mom, and you know what's best for your kids!

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