Raw Food Smoothie Diet To Lose 14 lbs

by Fay
(Trinidad, Caribbean)

In 2008, I found out that at 24 years old I had (Polycystic ovary syndrome)PCOS. I had gained weight mainly on my waist and thighs, and pre-diabetic.

After numerous doctors' visits, countless money spent, loss of time from work with my boss breathing down my neck about missing too many days...I had cysts on my ovaries.

I was told that the treatment would be birth control pills. I asked if this would get rid of the cysts... after a long pause from my doctor...he said the pills won't remove the cysts but reduce the symptoms of PCOS like excess hair growth, missed periods etc.

I began doing research online because I really didn't want to go on birth control. What if I stopped birth control? Won't the symptoms just return?....

I read that in order to decrease the risk of diabetes I needed to reduce my weight by 5 -10%, at the time I was 140lbs. So I decided to lose 14 pounds.

After hours of research I found a regime though wasn't popular by many, it seemed to be working.

It involves blending fruit and vegetable smoothies and drinking them every 3 hours. Most of the smoothies had carrots, beets, lemon, grapes, or any other fruits and veggies.

I didn't have any solid foods for about 2 weeks. I lost the 14 pounds. The key to this diet is ensuring that you drink the smoothie EVERY 3 hours.

I am one step closer to fighting PCOS and excess weight that came with it.

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