This Snack Food Will Fight Cravings and Reduce Weight Gain

by Dayne Shuda

Do you eat snacks?

Be honest.

Just about all of us eat snacks throughout the day. You probably know someone that is constantly going back and forth from the vending machine at the office. They have their can of soda pop in one hand and a candy bar in the other.

One study found that snacking has been one of the main reasons for obesity in America over the past 30 years. Compared to the 1970s, Americans are consuming nearly a third more calories each day and the biggest factor is the idea of snacking throughout the day.

And it’s even worse with kids.

High calorie snacking is seen as one of the main reasons kids today are more obese than ever before in history. But while calories are certainly to blame, the sugar in most snack foods is perhaps the biggest culprit of weight gain.

You can’t walk through the middle of the grocery store without seeing stacks of processed snack food. There are all kinds of snacks with high calories and high sugar content. Even something labeled as sugar free can contain alternatives that are not really “better” to consume as snack foods.

All of this sugar in our snacking diets is making us obese.

The answer to the problem may not be to cut back on snacks. The answer may be with a snack food alternative that is truly healthy and without the sugar of most snack foods.

Dried Vegetables for Snacking

Vegetables are the original snack.

Some of you may have bad memories of your childhood when mom would bring out a plate of steamed broccoli. If you’re like me that actually sounds appetizing, but for some people it’s repulsive. The idea of swapping vegetables instead of something sweet and tasty is not an appealing proposition.

But when it comes to your weight and your health it’s worth exploring every possibility.

And for snacking, you might be able to trick your brain and your stomach with something like dried vegetables. The concept is simple. There are air dried vegetables and freeze dried vegetables. Both use the concept of turning the vegetables you may dislike into crunchy and tasty treats.

Dried veggies are commonly used in soups and meals as a way to save time with cutting up veggies or using frozen veggies. But dried veggies work great for snack food also. They weigh next to nothing so you can carry them around with you wherever you go.

The smell of the veggies when you open up a fresh pouch is something special too. You can open up some delicious spinach or peppers and snack on them as you work at your computer. You can even taken them on long car trips.

Most snacking is done when we get bored. We need something to do as we look to pass the time. It can be difficult to get out of the habit of eating what is now considered traditional snack food. But if you can find a way to trick your brain into a new snack food you will feel better and look good too.

Be aware, though.

People may think you’ve gone a little crazy if you start eating delicious dried asparagus or broccoli when snacking, but it’s their loss. They’ll be sucking back on the soda and you’ll be not only losing weight, but adding the best nutrients to your body.

So give dried vegetables a try today. It’s the new traditional snack food for weight loss.

Dayne Shuda is a contributing blogger for North Bay Trading Co. He writes on a variety of topics including healthy weight loss and natural foods.

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