by Diane B

Hi from the UK

You say tom-ay-toes, we say tom-art-oes, but however we pronounce them, they taste fantastic.

We have a tiny walled garden, and all our veggies are grown in pots, and tomatoes are easy to grow in grow bags or in containers, and they taste fantastic.

You'll need to put a cane, or a stake in the pot to train them to as they do grow tall, but it's worth a sunny spot in the garden

The key is to keep them watered, and to pinch out any offshoots, as they take goodness away from the fruit. Look at there the leaves join the main stem, and just pinch out the middle shoot. You'll need to keep doing that, but it is worth it.

Feed regularly, especially if you are growing in pots.

Whenyou come to pick them, cut them, cover them in olive oil and cook in a medium over ( the longer and slower the better , add black pepper and olive oil to taste, serve with some crusty bread, and there you have it...... summer on a plate.

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