Vegetarian/Vegan Diet Sceptic Proved WRONG!

by Steve
(Whitehaven, Cumbria, England)

I am a fitness fanatic, and was an avid meat eater. Following the P90X routine, my view was you needed the right type of protein at the right levels (30%-50%) to gain muscle mass. I firmly believed you could only realistically get this from eating meat. I survived solely on lean turkey, chicken, bacon, red meat and various types of fish.

However, I could not move that layer of stomach fat. You need the right amount of the right fats in your diet when following a weight training programme.

My partner become a vegetarian over 5 years ago. She investigated the meat industry and decided she couldn't contribute to the pain and suffering of our fellow animals any longer.

After viewing the various footage and reading up on the meat industry, I too wanted to become a vegetarian. BUT this would mean ruining my fitness regieme and diet plans. I refused to believe a vegetarian or vegan diet would suatain the right type of protein, in the right quantities, for an intensive fitness programme.

I'm proud to say I was proved WRONG!!

A combination of quorn meat substitutes and meat free meals, such as substitute free chicken peices, mince and various other products, I managed to maintain my fitness programme diet plan. I didn't lose any energy, but I did lose more fat on my stomach as non-meat products tend to have less fat in them than the meats I was previously eating. I also lost level pounds in weight as a result - leaner, fitter and stronger!

I have been meat free for over 2 years now and I can honestly say I don't miss it at all.

Vegetarian diets WORK!

I have even stopped drinking milk and moved onto an organic soyer based milk substitute. This vegan product has double the levels of protein compared to skimmed milk, and the same amount of calories. I use it in protein shakes, cereal and tea/coffee. It's delicious!

Information on the Internet about vegetarian diets, particuarly to help with fitness program's and weight loss, are difficult to find. Most sites cater for the meat eater only.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences, Olga.

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