Your Birthday Does Matter When It Comes To Your Weight

by Sonia Devine

The majority of my patients that visit me do so to get help remove their mental blocks. My patients are aware of what steps they need to take to reduce their weight; however, their minds create a barrier that limits their success. To them, losing weight seems like something they can’t do, but in reality, their mind won’t let them go ahead. I like to call these mental roadblocks “sub-conscious pay-offs”. Too many of my clients would avoid taking responsibility just to keep from admitting that they were not really trying. To be frank, there is a difference between not being able to lose weight, and not being mentally able to lose weight. Learning to differentiate between your active aspirations and those buried in your mind will help you resolve the conflict.

Let’s take a person who may have dedicated their life to helping others. Their leadership role may give them immense pleasure while a small part of their mind is telling them that they are tired of being the one in charge. In cases like this, the person will usually have a hard time saying no when some one needs help or backing away from a problem when their own health is as stake. People like this often substitute quality personal time with poor food choices in the form of sugar and carb filled foods. Many even consider themselves entitled to their vices since they have no other outlets for their stress.

Food doesn’t have any demands, other than to be eaten. It doesn’t need you to help with problems, argue with your or any of the other issues of the human condition. A decrease on healthy physical activity is another side effect of people who overextend themselves.

The order in which you were born has a lot to do with how you deal with stress and manage weight problems. A large number of my weight loss clients are the firstborn in their family. In some cases the family places a lot of pressure on the first child to be perfect. Along with the expectations, these children tend to try to achieve much more than is expected of them. Taking care of the younger children in the family is a job that naturally falls to the older ones, and this responsibility can manifest even at a young age depending on the family dynamics. The habits learned as an older child translate directly into how people react to situations in their adult life. Doing things for others at ones own personal emotional or physical expense is a long term habit that can seem impossible to break.

You may be the only one in the way of your weight loss. It may be that you are setting yourself up for failure by avoiding the things you must do to drop the pounds. If some little part of you is telling you to walk away from your goals, think back to your childhood. Maybe you were expected to be sensible, or told that you have to set an example, and these ingrained expectations may be exactly what’s creating a barrier to your weight loss today.

People at the other end of the sibling scale also face challenges when it comes to losing weight, though for different reasons. Younger siblings often are not given much responsibility while they are growing up since they have older siblings to take on the brunt of the work. In some cases many things were obtained with little or no effort. This leads to a lower level of motivation to take care of your self, as well as less understanding of the responsibility and dedication involved in weight maintenance. Losing weight and changing your lifestyle is hard, and later siblings may find the commitment difficult to manage at the onset.
These are typical behaviors seen in people who fall under certain placement in the birth order; however, the behavior is not limited only to those people. Anyone on a weight loss journey can face similar issues regardless of when and where they were born in within the family unit.

No matter what your issues are, identifying your mental blocks will allow you to get past them. As a mature adult, you should evaluate your feelings, goals and hindrances to ensure success. Work towards positive change in your life through concentrated efforts and dedication to the healthy path.

Author's bio:
Sonia Devine is a Melbourne based clinical hypnotherapist, lecturer and public speaker with a busy practice based in Melbourne Australia where she treats patients for anxiety, weight loss and to stop smoking.

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