Challenges Going Healthy

by Mary Miller


I started eating healthy only a couple of years ago (i.e. summer of 2009).

I had just had surgery to take out the pins and plates in my ankle. I was working with a friend who was a nutrition consultant.

I wanted to work on my PMS as that was causing me to lose a day of work every month. It was time to get that handled.

However, my friend told me we were going to work on my energy as surgery is a huge shock to the body.

Before, I was indiscriminately eating hot dogs and Wendys food. Fortunately, I wasn't putting the pounds on.

Within a week of working with my friend, I had started eating much healthier - fruits, vegetables, and meat from Whole Foods. The food was good - I knew to look out for genetically modified food, meat with no hormones, preservatives, etc.

The food tasted so good that I almost thought I was in heaven. I never went back to eating at a regular grocery store again.

Now what was great was any time I relapsed into eating chocolate (I am a recovering choco-holic), she would just tell me what my body really needed. In the case where I relapsed into eating chocolate, she would tell me that my adrenals needed support and guacamole was great for that.

There was one problem. Whole Foods was so expensive, I had sticker shock. So, I now get my meats from Whole Foods and everything else from Wegman's.

The next problem is that I have now heard that stores can label genetically modified food as organic, in some cases. I am not entirely sure how that works.

Wegman's still seems to not do that, as far as I know. If I ever get too concerned about genetically modified food, I will just go to the Farmer's Market or pick from the Farmer's Market section in Wegman's.

The other thing I have to watch out for is finding gluten free and dairy free food. Supposedly, I am not supposed to eat that stuff. It seems there are more and more stores that carry that kind of food.

If someone can't eat dairy - there is all kinds of ice cream made from coconut milk (SO Delicious) and goat's milk. I still prefer the goat's milk ice cream to the coconut milk.

I am still bad every once in awhile where I eat a Burger King cheeseburger or a Papa John's pizza. The gluten free and dairy free stuff still can't substitute for the real deal all the time.

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