GMO foods: the truth you need to know

This page contains important materials about GMO foods' effect on human health. GMO stands for "genetically modified organisms." After years “in the fog”, the evidence of the adverse effects on rats and mice is emerging, and it is very troubling. It poses immediate question, how does it impact the most vulnerable humans, our children?

It feels unfair and sad that a basic act of putting food into your mouth is becoming a sophisticated choice, a line between health and sickness, and, sometimes, an act of resistance. According to the experts, most of the wide-spread foods, such as soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, get to your table genetically modified. You need to choose what to do about this before one day you wake up and there is no choice.

While EU countries historically had tougher regulations of GMO crops than Canada or the US, in March 2010 EU approved 5 types of GM crops . “The Commission's decision to approve the genetically modified potato and maize drew condemnation from environmental groups which accused the EU's executive arm of ignoring consumer concerns over the safety of GM products,” writes Reuters. Full article is here

Knowledge is power

As uncomfortable as the truth can be, knowing the trends around GMO foods helps you to make informed choices at the supermarket, reduce your children’s risks of allergies and other serious health issues, and add your voice to the choir of voices of another concerned individuals all over the world.

Jeffrey Smith is the author of “Seeds of deception”, a book that exposes effects of GMO foods on human health.

  • You can listen to his lectures on GMO foods here.
  • Read Jeffrey Smith's interview with Dr. Mercola

“For the first time not only are the facts of adverse health problems associated with genetic engineering methodically set out, but the theory, which might account these episodes of mortality and morbidity, is also carefully presented. It has been too little realized that blasting genetically engineered DNA into a plant arbitrarily—like throwing darts into a haystack—disrupts a sequence of genes that has evolved over hundreds of millions of years so as to optimize the functioning of the organism and is bound to destabilize the biochemistry of the plant...

Adverse GM reactions are almost never rigorously followed up, abnormal proliferation of cells—which might be a precursor of cancer—is ignored, evidence of horizontal gene transfer into gut bacteria or human DNA—which could cause long-term damage—is studiously ignored, and mortality data on animals fed GM crops is swept aside or suppressed.”

Michael Meacher, MP, former UK government environment minister

What can you do?

More and more environmentalists and doctors believe that genetically modified foods are one of the most serious threats to human health. It is also the one that can be combatted through GMO labelling, GMO ban campaigns, and consumer resistance.

  • Let's not underestimate our individual consumer power.
  • Let's avoid GMO foods: soy, corn, cottonseed, canola.
  • Let's choose organic products, or other non-GMO products instead.
  • Let's cook instead of buying processed foods.
  • Let's inform our lawmakers of our position.
  • Let's make informed choices.


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