Healthy eating on a budget

Are you worrying about money as the economy went into recession and your savings shrunk? Think Kraft Dinner will save you? Think again. It might kill you.


Let’s look into ways to find balanced nutrition within your frugal budget and eat healthy, even as food prices go up.

Find out tips for choosing and cooking cheap healthy food .

..I close my eyes and go back to the early ‘90s. I was a hungry student with an allergic baby in the newly independent Ukraine. Inflation had emptied bank accounts and created endless lineups at the empty-shelved grocery stores. I was always hunting for ways to feed my family, a challenge with the skyrocketing prices and my miserable income. I spent most of my money on the food for my daughter.

Back then, I had recurring dreams about hot dogs. They were floating like clouds in the sky, colorful, delicious, and just out of my reach. I couldn’t afford hot dogs, and I craved them more than any other meat. When the aroma trail of a hot dog passed by my hungry nose, I felt sorry for myself. Veggies, pasta, and beans were our menu staple.

What a stroke of luck my grim budget was at the time! I didn’t know those tasty dogs, bacon, and processed meat cause cancer. It was not so long ago that the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research both recommend avoiding these foods completely. Eating one hot dog a day boosts your chance of colorectal cancer by a whopping 21%!

There really is a silver lining for every cloud. Those frightening days taught me how to feed my family when the dimes are thinnest. Not only was it cheap to eat vegetables and beans, but it set me on the road to optimum health and gave me a lesson on healthy eating on a budget.

No doubt your story is different from mine. But whatever path brought you here, today you are standing in the aisles, bewildered by a thousand options and tight budget. It’s tempting to get cans or boxes of yummy junk while they’re on sale, to satisfy your cravings fast. Fight this temptation as your health and that of your children depend on it.

Food manufacturers want to make sure you buy their products. So they create irresistible comfort food and price them so that anyone could afford them. Adding loads of MSG, sodium, aspartame and other chemicals are cheap ways to process tasty treats, and keep you coming back for more. You may not know that additives in these foods keep you craving even as they make you sick. Just like drugs. What they lack in nourishment they make up for in flavour, making it easy for you to suppress your common sense. Since there is little nutrition in them, your body feels weak and craves more food. Weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems will likely follow.

We can work together to break this vicious cycle. I’ll show you easy steps to choosing cheap healthy food and eating healthy on a budget . There will be some that you’ve never thought of before. I hope you try one or two and see that making healthy choices is doable and easy!


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