Five ways to change your habits with healthy shopping list

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How much of an impact can a humble healthy shopping list make on your health and wellbeing? A great deal! Embarking on the healthy eating journey is half the battle, staying on the path and knowing your way though the jungle is another half.
A healthy shopping list is just that – a navigation device you can hardly do without.

Planning complete menu for a week is too much hassle for most people. Some prefer running out to the store at the last minute, grabbing whatever cravings come up. That’s how unhealthy foods accumulate in their homes and bodies.

Others, like myself, mindfully buy healthy whole foods regularly for creating a fantastic meal, just to discover that some of the ingredients to the recipe are missing. By the time the all required components are found, the first purchase becomes a garbage bin special.

How do we change this?

First, did you know that a household loses 30% of their food budget and up to 100% of the healthful quality of food because of his/her shopping and eating habits? Just think what would you do with all that money if were back in your budget!

Interested how to get started?

  1. Pace your transformation

    People become so enthusiastic about eating healthy foods that they grab a lot of excess when they shop, or they buy too many items with which they’re unfamiliar. Healthy items “on sale” are especially enticing. Exploring new foods is an exciting exercise you shouldn’t deny yourself – so how about buying just one new item every week to try? You might also discover that you don’t like everything marked “healthy”. For example, if you are switching to soy milk, you might need to try several brands until you discover the one that suits your palate. Be prepared to use those rejected brands of soy milk in your healthy breakfast pancakes or smoothies (no waste!).

  2. Learn how to distinguish unhealthy and healthy foods

    This isn’t an overnight proposition. Settle your definition of healthy and unhealthy foods based on scientific studies and medical advice. Then, talk with other healthy-minded and especially healthy looking individuals, and consider joining an online community where you can exchange good ideas and sources for healthy foods. Check out my Healthy and unhealthy food definiton.

  3. Be open-minded

    A lot of people think that healthy eating means no flavor, and no fun. This is very far from the truth. You will discover a plethora of new flavors and tastes, and get new favorites in your menu fairly. After 2-3 weeks of eating healthy, most people notice that their taste changes. Something they felt so addicted to doesn’t bring the same pleasure anymore.

    Give your body some time to calibrate itself to your new eating habit. Start by making one mindful, informed choice at a time using healthy grocery shopping list as a reference.

  4. Budget your time & plan ahead

    Giving yourself more time to prepare well balanced servings at home rather than buying pre-packaged food delivers the most health benefit in the long run. An ideal person is capable of making a menu for the week before he/she ever steps foot in the grocers (and stick to it!). For the rest of us, it’s good to start by choosing healthy breakfast foods and one or two main dinner meals, then make a list of ingredients for those.

  5. Look for the foods without complicated nutritional label and packaging

    Most healthy foods don’t have it: think organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and grains. Your healthy shopping list should consist mostly of those items.

Ready to get started?

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1. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. Excitotoxins: the taste that kills, ISBN 0-929173-14-7


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