Healthy snacks for teenagers

So you have teenagers, and all they eat is fries with cheese and gravy? There are healthy snacks for teenagers that you can make to help their brains and their bodies sustain throughout the business of daily life. Let me share my top five healthy snacks for teens.

Why is it so hard to get teens to eat healthy snacks?

Teens are different from both kids and adults. As opposed to kids, they have some money in their disposal and the freedom to buy themselves snacks at the school cafeteria. And cafeterias generally don't offer healthy snacks for teens, although the situation is slowly changing

Unlike adults, they feel immortal. They are going to live forever, and so your argument about eating healthy usually falls on deaf ears. Healthy snacks is probably the last priority for your teenagers. The first priority is to keep up with their social life and fill their bellies enough to be able to do that.

That’s why it should be the first priority for us, parents.

Food affects teens’ mood, social life, and performance at school.

Food can cause fatigue and depression or alleviate those syndromes. Food can cause acne and weight gain, and their social life and self-image suffers in turn. Lack of Omega-3s and Vitamin B-12, for example, leads to mood disorders and anxiety. Too much or processed food or food deprived in any kind of vitamins can cause depression.

Top ideas of healthy snacks for teenagers (On the go foods for teens)

Let’s look at these simple healthy snacks for teenagers, great alternatives to white bread, fries and turkey with gravy sandwiches.

  1. Boiled potatoes with babaganoush, hummus or tzaziki
  2. Easy! Air-popped popcorn with flax oil and sea salt or natural seasoning. Popcorn is only bad because of all butter and seasoning we put on it. If you sprinkle it with flaz oil and add some tasty salt mix, it becomes a fantastic healthy food snack.
  3. Whole wheat sandwich with almond butter, marinated tofu or canned herbed salmon, and veggies on the side
  4. Fruit and veggies with a dip (try my hummus as a dip)
  5. Easy! Sweetened applesauce (such as Mott Fruittations) with granola
  6. Bran blueberry muffins is all time favourite of our family and our guests. We make them with any berries now, such as cranberries or berry mix from Costco.
  7. Healthy oatmeal cookies is another excellent snack.
  8. Whole wheat tortilla wrap with hummus, mushrooms, greens, and veggies. All you do is spread some hummus over the tortilla, add spinach or greens, something pickled ( pickles, asparagus), tomato,and either mushrooms or tofu. My daughter used to love chicken breast wraps with greens. When you are just starting making wraps for them, add cheese and ketchup, but eventually you can eliminate them. Put your wrap into Foreman grill so that it becomes crunchier and the cheese melts. Done! You will get something like this: healthy snacks for teenagers - tortilla wraps
    If you use my low fat Hummus Recipes, you will make sure that your teens get enough fiber with their snack.

These choices require some preparation, but at the end you get this rewarding and reassuring thought of your teen getting their omega-3s and aviding all these nasty behavioal problems.

Though some of these snacks get only four stars on the scale of five for health benefits, they are four stars ahead of normal snacks that teens are wasting their money on. And this means a big leap, not even a baby step!

Getting teens to eat healthy snacks

Knowing what to prepare is only half the battle. By their nature, teenagers can be contrary and picky. However, if you simply pack them lunch saying, “now you can use your money at the mall for clothes or shoes, or whatever” you may find you get no questions about the ingredients - instead, just a resounding smile. Most teens have other things that they want to use their money for, and you’re offering them a perfect solution.

However hard your parental job is, just keep giving your teens healthy snacks and help them face the challenges of the teen years more successfully:

  • If they participate in sports, you can point out performance benefits of healthy food.
  • If they are on a weight loss diet, point out that your snack helps them to lose weight
  • If their social life suffers from acne on their faces, tell them healthy food is better than any anti-acne product

Give it a try.

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