I Gave Up Worrying A Long Time Ago

by Jane

I've tried vegetarian diets a few years here and there but after finding out I'm allergic to soy, it doesn't leave a lot of choices. Add on top of that lactose intolerance and a shellfish allergy, and family pressures to have everyone eat the same and it's back to the meat grind.

I only buy case free organic eggs and drink purified water, but largely the rest of the stuff we get at the market is not organic. We do grow organic berries, passion fruits, citrus, and whatever else we can fit around the perimeter of a very small lot.

One positive thing we did recently was to buy an Excalibur Food Dehydrator. This allows us to dry fruits to make healthy snacks and so far we've dried pineapples, apples, mangoes, orange slices, bananas. Even if they're not always organic, we don't use any sugar or preservatives, which makes them a lot better than the dried fruit from the store.

We're still trying to figure out a way to dry blueberries. If you can tell us how to do that, we'd be incredibly grateful :)

Recently we bought new "eco" fry pans that are coated with ceramic instead of "bad nonstick coatings". I know for a fact the fumes from over heating ordinary non stick pans kills birds, not to mention those chemicals accumulate in your body.

It is a big commitment to be totally organic. You make the changes you can, a little at a time, but at some point, you've got to stop worrying. Fear and worry are just as toxic as the chemicals you're worried about.

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