My Weight Loss Using One Simple Meal on the Way to Work

by Mike

This is my experience of what not to eat, as well as what to eat. I weigh myself everyday and chart that weight, so I find out pretty quickly what works and what does not.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a healthy meal at a restaurant? I was eating a vegetable plate of three vegetables and bread (I am not a vegetarian, just someone who tries to eat vegetables.) Between the bread and the fat I ate with the vegetables, I was not losing weight.

Not being a true vegetarian I was a bit paranoid about not getting enough protein.

I really put on the weight when I ate peanuts, peas, and beans.

I thought that if I ate vegetarian and healthy that I would lose weight, but that was not enough. I still needed to control how much I was eating.

I got in the habit of buying one big burrito a day (leaving off the free chips) and eating half, and then taking the other half to work. This worked. I really like the fact that the burritos have such a variety of vegetables in each. (tomatoes, beans, rice, lettuce, olives, onions, mushrooms, guacamoleā€¦) I am not sure, but I think this burrito is vegan.

One of the blocks for me as a non vegetarian is to get enough protein. I know that it is a little more complex when trying to get all the right amino acids, but the calorie charts
on this page really helped because they include protein.

One of the secrets of losing weight to me is getting in a healthy habit. Remember to ask them to cut the burrito in half so you will not be tempted to eat the whole thing at once.

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