Vegetarian weight loss plan using healthy food recipes

Are you looking for an effective vegetarian weight loss plan to help with your weight problem? Congratulations for going this direction. You will make your journey faster, healthier, and more enjoyable.

You will lose belly fat faster and get that weight off in a matter of  weeks.  After many frustrating years I was able to lose 7.5 lbs of fat in 7 weeks with the help of my own vegetarian weight loss plan and "Burn the fat, feed the muscle", a superb fat loss program that I sincerely recommend. Created and ran by Tom Venuto, a natural bodybuilder and a famous fat loss coach, this program helped thousands of people to lose weight.

Vegetarian nutrition is one of the healthiest for the weight loss, once you know how to make healthy choices that support your weight loss goal. So, let me share a sample of a vegetarian weight loss plan with you.


Healthy weight loss tip #1: the law of calorie balance

Let’s just not forget that the law of negative calorie balance is universal:

“calories in should be less than calories out”

It still applies even when you eat vegetarian or vegan food. Too many people go vegetarian, and replace meat and fish with high carb wheat products and deep-fried meat alternatives, increasing their calorie intake from carbs and fat and gaining weight as a result. Often, they also overload their system with new types of food as they eat too much of processed soy and wheat instead of variety of plant-based whole foods. They expect miracle results and end up disappointed, blaming their weight problems on a vegetarian diet.

This website will provide you with everything you need for a safe weight loss diet. As a person fighting the “last 10 pounds” problem, I have researched and tried many weight loss techniques. I will share my findings in a separate article; I just want to talk about one of them:

Healthy weight loss tip #2: making healthy weight loss diet a lifestyle

When everything you cook is low in fat, low in “bad carbs”, and healthy, you WILL maintain or lose weight. Every breakfast, snack, and dessert either ends up on your waistline, or contributes to your health, well-being, and weight loss. If you engage yourself into healthy cooking of every meal, it will be so much easier for you to stay healthy, energetic, and lean. Occasional indulging into less healthy choices will not have such a profound negative effect on your health.

Healthy weight loss tip #3: All recipes on this website are a part of my vegetarian weight loss program.

Some are more effective than the others:

  • My vegetarian high protein low carb recipes combined with exercise are extremely effective for an accelerated fat loss.
  • At the same time, my low fat recipes are good for a steady weight loss because they keep your calorie intake low while you don’t feel hungry and get enough of ‘good fats’.
  • 99% percent of the recipes are whole-food vegan choices that help you to prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • And the best part is they are easy to cook. My recipes don’t require that you spend a lot of time cooking, unlike some other vegetarian weight loss programs that I have researched.

Free online weight loss diet: vegetarian weight loss plan

Let me share with you an example of a balanced vegetarian weight loss nutrition program that I have created and successfully tested on myself. I lost 10 lbs in eight weeks and kept them off. I will give you samples of meals, but you need to remember to keep the calories count between 1200 and 1500 for most women, and under 1800-2000 for most men ( as a general guideline).

Easy vegetarian weight loss plan – 7 days weight loss diet:

It is practically lactose-free, vegan and soy-less ( replace one meal and it will be all of the above :)

Cooking for a week: Sunday (2.5 hours), Wednesday (2 hours), prep time daily: 10 minutes.

Day 1

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill 10 grains hot cereal with nuts and berries
Snack suggestion: Carrots and a grapefruit
Lunch: Quinoa-tabouli salad
Snack: Guilt free low fat hummus with rye flat bread
Dinner: Sweet potato broccoli soup; hummus and rye flat bread

Day 2

Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill 10 grains hot cereal with hemp nuts, banana and cinnamon
Snack suggestion: Carrot and celery sticks and low fat hummus
Lunch: Sweet potato broccoli soup and rice crackers with almond butter
Snack: Almonds and dried apples
Dinner: Quinoa-tabouli salad

Day 3

Breakfast: Chocolate Almond Smoothie
Snack suggestion: Cashews and banana
Lunch: Indian chickpea masala
Snack: Celery and hummus
Dinner: Sweet potato broccoli soup; kale chips

Day 4

Breakfast: Mango-Parsley Smoothie
Snack suggestion: Baked kale omelette
Lunch: Pumpkin soup with rice crackers
Snack: Healthy blueberry muffin
Dinner: Indian chickpea masala, green cabbage hemp salad

Day 5

Breakfast: Overnight oats
Snack suggestion: Sunflower seeds and an apple
Lunch: Indian chickpea masala
Snack: Baked kale omelette
Dinner: Pumpkin soup and green cabbage hemp salad

Day 6

Breakfast: Overnight oats
Snack suggestion: Rice milk and rye bread with almond butter
Lunch: Pumpkin soup and raw kale salad
Snack: Almonds and banana
Dinner: French high protein green pea meal; healthy blueberry muffin

Day 7

Breakfast: Healthy smoothie; tea and blueberry muffin
Snack suggestion: Grapefruit and pumpkin seeds
Lunch: Indian chickpea masala;
Snack: Healthy blueberry muffin; ½ cup berries
Dinner: French green pea meal; rye or whole wheat bread with almond butter

As you can see, the meal you cook on Sunday will last you for at least three times, but combined with different snacks, it will not feel very repetitive. Your diet stays versatile, it includes beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and your protein comes from the variety of different sources. It is lactose-free, and once you replace baked kale omelette with tofu scramble, it will become vegan.

You can create your own vegan or vegetarian weight loss plan from my tested and true weight-loss recipes:


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