Organic Chia Seed and Hemp Hearts. A Day
at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

Where to Buy Organic Chia Seeds in Toronto and Montreal

2011 is a year of organic chia seed at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival. Chia products dominated many exhibitors’ stands. Companies come up with healthy breakfast options, desserts and power bars made with chia seed.

Since our family uses mostly flaxseed, I haven’t used organic chia seed in my cooking yet. But after trying some of the delicious chia products I decided it’s time to start.

There are many health benefits of organic chia seeds. Their nutritional value is comparable with that of flaxseeds which I do use a lot. Flax seed is just a bit better researched. Organic chia seeds are high in fiber, Omega-3 and minerals. They help to reduce inflammation in the body, reverse hardening of your arteries, and prevent heart disease.

Bulk Chia seeds

Several companies were selling chia seeds in bulk.

PRANA from Montreal gave away samples of chia pudding, something I never tried before. Mixed with chocolate, mildly sweet, it was something new. I couldn’t immediately call it delicious, but then again, I am not a pudding fan. Of all puddings, this one was definitely the one I could eat again. The looks of it reminded me of tapioca pudding made with smaller seeds.

Bulk organic chia seed from Prana

PRANA ships their products all over Canada, they have a good online interface for ordering. Among their 1kg packages of nuts and seeds I chose raw organic almonds for only $16 (exhibition price).
Bulk organic almonds from Prana

I know that organic almonds cost around $30, so this is definitely a great buy. If you are in Montreal, you can pick up your order and pay no shipping costs. And you can still come to the Toronto vegetarian Food Festival and get their 20$ off coupon that will cover your shipping costs if you happened to live outside of Montreal. Say, in Toronto.

Ruth's is a Toronto company selling NON-GMO natural foods containing no refined sugars and no additives. I saw bulk chia seeds, hemp hearts and hemp protein products at their stand. I don’t usually recommend anything packaged, but for the case when you are really in a hurry, the option of making a to get a bowl of their Chia Goodness Breakfast cereal is really appealing. Healthy breakfast foods chia seeds

All the ingredients are raw. According to Ruth’s website, this breakfast contains "more calcium than milk, more omega-3 than flaxseed."

Bulk organic chia seed from Prana

Twelve dollars for twenty breakfasts (two pouches) makes your healthy breakfast cost only 60 cents.

Organic Hemp Hearts


Hemp hearts are an amazing energy booster, containing healthy protein and omega-3. They are great for weight loss, as they help to control appetite. The protein in hemp hearts absorbs slowly relieving a dieter from feeling hungry between the meals. In comparison with your typical breakfast foods, such as cereal and breads, hemp hearts win hands down. While cereals kill your hunger for about two hours, hemp hearts can keep you going for up to twelve hours.

Ruth’s is selling organic hemp hearts in bulk for an unbelievable show price of $50 for 5 lbs!

Bulk organic hemp hearts from Ruth's

If five pounds of hemp hearts is too much for you, Ruth’s sells smaller pouches of hemp hearts, as well as nutrition and energy bars.

A leader in hemp products market, Manitoba Harvest, is a usual exhibitor at the Toronto Vegetarian Food events. This year they changed the looks of their hemp hearts packaging, and this is how it looks now:

Bulk organic hemp hearts from Ruth's

Very different, eh?

Toronto vegetarian food festival runs for two more days. What a great opportunity to stock up on health food and try a lot new natural products! If healthy food is too expensive for your family, you should definitely consider buying it in bulk. Come check it out before it’s too late. All these products can be bought in one place at great show prices.

P.S. Switching to more plant-based foods helps fighting climate change. Check out why, and get more ideas how to Stop Climate Change.


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