Should We Eat Oats Every Day?

by Elizabeth Oakes
(Qld Australia)

I am semi-vegetarian and blood group A so it suits me well. My husband and I eat oast for breakfast every day. In the winter we eat porridge and in the summer we eat muesli.

The muesli has oats as the base grain, and it also has a variety of other additions, but of course no wheat. It includes rice bran, sultanas or raisins, other sun-dried fruit, dates, almonds and other nuts.

As I am allegic to wheat, not to gluten, I felt this was a good thing to do, as I felt it was very healthy.

I also like oats as they are easy to be acquired and can be bought in a variety of shops. If one shop does not have them you can easily buy them at another.

A homeopath friend suggested to me that we were eating too much oats. She said this might cause me a problem long term as it contains gluten.

What do you think is the amount about eating oats regularly?



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