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Are you interested in writing a guest article for Choose Healthy Food? Wonderful. Before you start writing, please review the guest article guidelines and suggestions below. They are here to make sure your hard work gets rewarded. Link to the submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Content Guidelines

Choose Healthy Food is a site about whole food plant-based diets and easy ways to cook healthy. It focuses on variety of topics, primerily on healthy ways to lose weight, improve heart health, prevent cancer and other debilitating diseases by changing one's menu. Our readers appreciate practical advice and recipes that they can quickly put to use to improve their health. Plant-based diets are primerily vegetarian and vegan, but in our description can be flexitarian. We encourage limiting consumption of meat and fish to up to 5% of total protein intake and buying it from sources that raise animals naturally and treat them well. We do not promote high protein diets, unless they are vegetarian. We do not support heavy use of supplements.

Anything that helps our readers to stay on course and adhere to the healthy plant-based diet ( exercise, limiting emotional eating, using mind power etc) will be considered.

Article Length Guidelines

Our average article length on Choose Healthy Food is between 550-1000 words. This is a good range to aim for. Regardless of its value, short posts that contain general knowledge or look like spinned articles won't be published.

Exclusive content

Only original articles will be posted on Choose Healthy Food, and after publishing you must not redistribute the same article to other sites. Google's guidelines regarding duplicate content are quite strict; so I reserve the right to remove content when in doubt. Your guest post should be unique and it should add to the user's experience.


To promote your blog, website, product or service, please use About Author box at the bottom of your post. Include several sentences explaining who you are, what you do, and one link to your site. Text links are not allowed in the body of the text - generally, the best approach ito promotion of your site is when it doesn't look like promotion...

I will showcase your article on my main page in the News section.

Use of Images

If you have an image that you want me to consider, and you have the legal right to use it, please send it along with your submission.

Editing and SEO

I may make slight editions to your article to optimize it for the search engines. This is in your interest as much as mine, as you guest post will rank better and seen by more people. If I feel there is a need for bigger changes, I will get in touch with you and discuss this.

Thank you for your interest. Please understand that the restrictions I described are in the interest of my readers. Please submit your article if you agree to follow these guidelines.

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