Sweet potato broccoli soup

This sweet potato broccoli soup is a comforting, versatile meal. Those of us on the weight-loss diet can enjoy eating only 129 calories per portion, and may take seconds without guilt and hesitation. Those who cook for the family with different dietary requirements may like the fact that it can be jazzed up by adding cheese and croutons, and that everyone can eat this lactose free, vegan, low fat broccoli soup.

Cooking process is simplified so that anyone can do it.


low fat vegan sweet potato broccoli soup

Sweet potato broccoli soup

  • 2 sweet potatoes (yams), peeled and cut in pieces about 1/4 inch think
  • 3 leeks, thoroughly washed and cut in rings
  • 1 bunch broccoli , split in florets
  • 1 cup soymilk
  • 1 quart/liter water (or less - just enough to cover veggies)
  • 1 vegetable boullion cube (optional)
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • 1 tsp powdered sage
  • 1 tbsp thyme
  • 1 tbsp dried rosemary
  • 1 tbsp dried oregano
  • 4 tbsp fresh parsley or cilantro
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic
  • can be served with croutons and cheese (optional)
  1. Place leeks, sweet potatoes and herbs in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer 10 minutes or until sweet potato is cooked.
  2. Use some liquid from the soup to boil broccoli in the separate pot.
  3. Puree in blender. Stir in soy milk and broccoli. If the soup is too thin, discard the liquid you used to boil broccoli, otherwice add it back to the soup. Bring to boil and simmer for several minutes.

Serves 8-9. Serve with bread, croutons or/and grated cheese if desired. 1 portion - 129 calories. 10% of calories from protein, 10% from fat, 80% from complex carbs and fiber.


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