Top vegetable garden tips and secrets from  the industry insiders

If you are starting a vegetable garden or already have one, do you want to  have better returns, more nutritious plants and less pests?

I sure did.  My search for a gardener's Bible brought me to Sharon Cooper and her book, "The Superfood Gardener."  If you, too, are looking for top vegetable garden tips, please take a moment to  read my review,  go through my comparison table to decide if this book may be useful for you.

Sharon and Andrew Cooper are professional plant nursery owners in Australia. They were using pesticides on their plants to cut down costs just like everyone else in the industry, until the disaster struck their home. Sharon was paralized by a stroke in 1999, left unable to speak, right after her baby daugher was born. 

The way she recovered from the stroke made her write this book. Check out her story on her website, it is truly inspirational! 

I reached out to Sharon to ask her for a copy of hte book for the review. She is a lively humorous lady, who is able to speak and move again, and she was glad to provide a book and answer my questions. 

Review of the new easy gardening guide,

 "The Superfood Gardener"

buy the best gardening book

Having finished reading this book, I regretted some of the decisions I had made in the past.

When I started growing my own herbs and vegetables, I decided not to buy any gardening guides or manuals because all the information was available on the Internet. I ended up getting vegetable garden tips here and there, trusting personal opinions of other newbies, and wasting a lot of time and money. Not only did I waste time, I wasted money and opportunities.  It was trial and error:  I would come up against a problem, read about it, and then say, "Oh I see! Next year I will do it this way!" Next year I would face another problem, and so on.

The most frustrating issues were pests and illnesses. You cannot even search for pest control measures if you don't know what that flying creature is! It took me three growing seasons to understand companion planting and natural pest control. It was not until year four that I realized that some of my plants were under the threat of death from pest attacks simply because they were malnourished and stressed. The soil was not right for some of them, and the neighbourhood was wrong for others.

About 80% of my garden was doing fine and producing herbs and vegetables. It was caring for the remaining 20% that took most of my time and effort.

Ask me now, what is the one thing that I would have done differently? Looking back at all the setbacks I experienced, my biggest mistake was not following a system.

Instead of learning every step from one trusted source, I received advice from all over the net. I made a lot of erratic moves that cost my plants their lives. Even more harm was caused by what I didn’t do - because I did not know that I was supposed to do.

That's why I knew what to look for in  this new gardening guide.  I would  look for pests section to see if I could have found the pests attacking my plants; I would check out how to grow plants from seeds. I would see if they explain why my plants got sick and how to cure them. 

If you identify with any of the problems I faced,  you will appreciate that this book is written in an unique way. It is like a troubleshooting guide that addresses problems you face and tells you how to deal with them. I easily found my answers, and kept reading. 

Please scroll down to the end of this review to see my ratings of this book for gardeners of different levels of expertise and soil type used in the garden. I have put data in the easy to read Summary table for you so that you can evaluate whether getting this book will benefit you.

Review of a new gardening guide,

 "Our Vegetable garden Secrets"

I will start with listing  the most important benefits of the book.

Why grow a vegetable garden?

Part 1 gives its readers more than enough reasons to grow home vegetable gardens. You learn exactly how much you can save by planting a vegetable garden in your backyard. You find out some dirty secrets of the agricultural industry, exposed by insiders. You learn the shocking truth about how the big supermarkets sell you potentially harmful produce, and how the way they store it affects its quality.

Planning a vegetable garden

In part 2 you get a clear description of types of soil and what plants they are good for. All the nutrients in plants come from the soil. Sharon shares the best way to improve the quality of your soil - and, therefore, the quality of your food. You learn about the benefits of composting. You get step by step instructions how to make your own compost pile, and how to troubleshoot to get the perfect compost for your home vegetable garden.

Sharon helps you to save money as she shows how at least seven things that you are currently wasting can benefit your garden if you start composting them.

And finally, she takes all the mystery out of growing your own seeds.

How to grow your own seeds.

Scared of starting your plants from seeds? Not sure whether to sow them indoors or outdoors? This book contains an easy-to-follow guide to growing your own plants from seeds. You see, it is much cheaper to grow plants from seeds than buy them at the store.  Not to mention that you can buy non-GMO organic seeds that are better for you. It just seems daunting, and way too complex of an undertaking....  You will learn about honest mistakes that you are likely to make and various conditions that can harm your seeds and detailed instructions on how to recognize and remove them.

Sharon and Andrew share their own recipes for a successful and inexpensive seed starting soil mix.

What follows is a very insightful chapter on plant problems that I can only compare to a plant physician’s guide: a chapter describing nutrient deficiencies, pests, and diseases. You learn how to grow a garden where plants protect each other, how to guard it from pests using natural methods, and how to treat your plants if they do become sick.

Having all the photographs of plants with different nutritional deficiencies or diseases in one place is very valuable. If you’ve searched the Net for hours hoping to find a picture that resembles your tomato's leaves, you know what I am talking about. The earlier you catch the disease, the easier it is for you to save your plants. This book tells you how.

Great vegetable garden planting guide

Finally, in the guide to planting and caring for the most popular vegetables, you learn how to grow kale, tomatoes, pumpkins, garlic, and many other vegetables that enrich your diet and save you money. Sharon's vegetable garden tips are organized so that you can have all the information about your plant, from watering to pest control, in one place.

How valuable is that for you - having one plant growers’ encyclopedia organized in such a way that you can easily locate your issue or question, and find the solution?

As promised, I have created a comparison table that expresses the benefits of this system for you depending on your level of expertise and the type of garden you have. I have rated these benefits and explained the reason for this rating. I hope it will be helpful for you!

Who will benefit from "Our Vegetable Garden Secrets" system?
Level of knowledge Planting in … How valuable is this book for you (10 being the most valuable)? Why?
Beginner Soil 10 out of 10 You get absolutely everything you need to know to start a successful vegetable garden with minimal effort and investment. Scroll down to read my review.
Beginner Raised beds 9 out of 10 Since you are using special soil mix, you will make use of all but one chapters of this book. You will still benefit immensely from 90% of the information presented. However, you need to get information specific to raised bed vegetable gardening from other sources, such as Ecological Gardening or SFG. Read my review and decide for yourself.
Intermediate Soil 8 out of 10 Chances are, you already know about the health benefits of growing vegetables in your garden. So part one of the book may sound a bit redundant to you. You probably already have some knowledge about companion planting, and growing some types of veggies. Treat this book as an encyclopedia that you turn to for practical advice, plant and soil troubleshooting and protection from pests and diseases, and especially growing from seeds.
Intermediate Raised beds 7 out of 10 That’s me. I found a lot of helpful tips in this book that I will apply this year, along with a lot of information that I already knew. This book gave me at least 20 useful tips that will help me improve my vegetable garden. I don’t need to browse hundreds of sites that Google returns when I have a question, because this book contains all the answers. It saves time.
Advanced Soil 7 out of 10 Chapters on  soil quality, soil adjustment, and  natural pest and disease control are very useful for you.
Advanced Raised beds 6 out of 10 Natural pest control, disease treatment, and compost composition are the chapters of special interest for you. You can significantly improve the nutritional content of your vegetables by doing compost by yourself using the guidelines from this book.

Vegetable garden tips and more 

This book provides you with the most comprehensive yet practical and easy to follow guide on how to grow your own vegetable garden. If you get it online, you will also receive vegetable garden plans.

If you plan to grow your plants in soil, rather than raised beds, this book is your best guide of all I have seen that will save you a lot of time and money. Stop wasting your time on browsing hundreds of online resources, and get just this one book... And use all the time you saved to enjoy your gardening!

...If you choose to buy this book online,  you will also receive three free professional vegetable garden designs and a free consultation with Sharon and Andrew. It seems, they are really determined to remove any obstacles from your way and help you start your vegetable garden with little effort. Click on the image to go to the official book website and see all the bonuses they have to offer: buy the best gardening book


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