Wannabe Healthy Eater

by Eda
(United States)

I am so guilty of this!

I have always considered myself a healthy eater. I love fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and so on. Actually you will find me having larger portions and going for seconds on all of these foods rather than any type of meat (if at all).

Prior to meeting my fiance, I was pretty much on the verge of being a vegetarian and had my young son following in my footsteps. However, after my fiance and I moved in together, here comes the meat, processed foods and (I hate to admit) fast food! Ugh, the guilt! Mind you my fiance is a very "picky" eater per se and his son is not happy without chicken nuggets and fries!

After reading your post, it is so true and I find myself doing all of these things:

"Persuade yourself the danger is smaller than it really is

Push it out of your mind and forget about it

Use your logic to persuade yourself that this is not true. Ridicule it."

I have always been conscious about what I eat and have taught my son good, healthy eating habits. Now, I feel I have grown astray from my thoughts and beliefs. I have gained unwanted weight because of this and I do not feel like I did before.

I try to rationalize a bit more by telling myself I refuse to make separate meals for everyone in my house (let alone the expense of doing so). How do I get back to where I was and still make everyone happy without crimping my budget?

I would love to go back to the eating style I was accustomed to. I would love it even more if I could convince my fiance of the same. And I know my fiance will never change his views about this... There has to be a solution to this; I am simply having a very hard time finding it! Any suggestions are certainly welcomed!

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