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Three Reasons To Follow a Weight Loss Exercise Plan

What are the key benefits of following a weight loss exercise plan? weight loss exercise plan

I wish someone explained this to me many years ago. I would have avoided working hard and not getting results. I wasted three years before I understood: the biggest mistake people make is going with the flow instead of following a weight loss exercise plan.

If you are trying to lose weight and not succeeding, read this. You could be 20 pounds lighter in 7 weeks if you do. No, not from just reading, but from reading and trying methods I am describing for you here. Learn from my mistakes instead of making your own.

One of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is to follow a weight loss exercise plan.

Three Key Benefits Of Following A Weight Loss Exercise Plan

  1. Ignoring obstacles, getting over the setbacks

  2. When I started exercising, I was enthusiastic and wanted to lose weight fast. I was running on a treadmill, doing step aerobics and weight lifting, reasonably assuming that doing “something” was certainly better than doing nothing.

    I worked hard, and I saw no progress at all!

    Life provided enough challenges to fill a 48-hour day, I was tired, stressed and frustrated that my hard work didn’t produce decent returns.

    I have hit my first setbacks and lost my drive. It was so much easier to find excuse than to exercise. It was easy to reason that “working out doesn’t help” and keep the status quo.

    When I selected my first weight loss exercise plan, I did it because someone else was successful following it. I immediately found that this very belief that I was going to be OK, as long as I follow the plan, helped me take setbacks as a normal part of the process. I did not panic when my progress slowed down, I did not stop when Iinjured my arm. I found that the routine imposed by my plan helped me deal with the procrastination.

  3. Practice a good habit. Repeat. Overcome unhealthy behaviours and thinking patterns.
  4. Everyone has self-defeating thoughts. Everyone makes imperfect decisions under the pressure of his or her own desires. People are creatures of habit, and old habits won’t leave voluntarily.

    Without a plan, most of the people easily give in to the lure of unhealthy foods and make a very common mistake, engaging into so called "all or nothing" approach to losing weight. You have done it if you ever ate some food that was not allowed in your diet, and then thought, "Well, the day is lost, might as well eat another portion and start again tomorrow." You have done it if you did not go to the gym, and, instead of doing at least something at home, you just dropped on your couch and watched a movie instead.

    Your destiny is defined by small decisions you do every day. Every decision matters. Plan helps you make right decisions every day.

    How do I know? Not only I have "been there, done that", but also I see this complaint on all fitness forums I now visit. Lack of the weight loss exercise plan quickly buries any good intention as procrastination, and all-or-nothing attitude take over.

    That’s one of the main reasons why people join online and offline exercise programs. They want a clear plan to follow. They understand they need to be accountable.

    And as they practice following the plan, new habits get born.

  5. Having a plan is half the success.

  6. How are you supposed to reach your destination without a map or GPS? Would you ask people and drive every direction they send you to?
    When you are on the weight loss exercise plan, you know where you are going, and what the prize is. This is how you can keep on track, even when you progress slows down. This helps you evaluate your strategy and change it if it stopped working. And if your weight loss exercise plan is designed by the best experts, with proven track of success, their credibility makes you confident in your own success. The good effect snowballs and you lose weight faster.

If you are serious about losing weight and have limited time, what are your best alternatives to having a weight loss exercise plan? There are three alternatives:

  • using a weight loss diet,
  • exercising without a plan,
  • doing nothing.

We have just talked about disadvantages of exercising without a plan.

I will leave alone doing nothing. Positive change never came from doing nothing.

I‘d like to talk about diets for weight loss. For years, I hoped that diet alone would help me lose weight.

And it did, but only to certain extent. Because to burn calories faster, one needs a good metabolism. And metabolism improves by exercising.

There is no escape.

I will now share three major exercise plans that worked for me.


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