How to cook everything quick and healthy

This is a healthy and quick cooking reference guide. It will help you to quickly find cooking instructions for preparing vegetables, tofu, and grains, like brown rice or quinoa.


Three secrets of quick and healthy cooking

One secret to a quick and healthy cooking is to prepare  those ingredients, that take the longest time to cook, in advance. When in hurry, you are unlikely to cook brown rice. But if it is cooked already, you can make quick healthy dinner in a matter of minutes. 

Another secret is to use the fastest healthy cooking technique. You may say, microwaving is the fastest way to cook everything. It is the fastest, but not the healthiest one. I will list cooking instructions for a microwave regardless - because, in my view, microwaving is still a healthier option than taking out or using processed food. However, there are better options, and I invite you to check them out.

And the last secret is to cook several meals or ingredients in parallel. Baking potatoes? Put an eggplant and a squash into the oven. Later you will make a great baba ganoush and variety of squah-based meals, from breakfast hot cereals with squash to squash soup and squash oatmeal cookies. 

The key is to always have those vegetables and grains that take longer to cook handy, and create different meals from them. 

And if you cannot finish that baked butternut squash, freeze it. 

How to cook vegetables

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