The quickest way to lose weight

If you can't lose weight no matter how hard you try....

If you exercise for months with no visible results....

If you dread that holiday weight gain that inevitably happens every holiday season in November-December...

Read on... I will share how I got out of this visious circle.

In 2009, I did something differently. As a result, not only I haven't gained a pound, I lost 10 lbs over the holiday season and got into the best shape of my life!

I managed to lose 10 pounds in 9 days.

I achieved these unbelievable results by adding one magic ingredient to the equation: Make my goal public and surround myself with people who support these goals.

The other ingredients were usual:

  • Some weight lifting
  • Some core exercises
  • Interval training intead of long boring uneffective cardio
  • Near-vegan weight loss meal plan ( flexitarian, really. Vegan weight loss meal plan with occasional meat or fish)
2012 Summer challenge has just concluded, and the results are astounding. Check out bfore and after pictures of the two winners, but most importantly, read how these people did it:

So there are two ways for you to do it.

1. First time I entered Tom Venuto's body transformation contest... The one like this: The 2nd annual Burn the Fat holiday Challenge .


Think contests are not for you? Social support and personal accountability have a lot to do with keeping you on track. That's why entering a contest is... much better than doing nothing or doing it by yourself!

In this contest it's about SELF IMPROVEMENT. That means relative improvement - how much YOU improve, not how you compare to the next guy or gal... ANYBODY who makes BIG improvements could win - regardless of what you weigh or what your body fat is today. Last year female winner was a busy mom of three with no previous fitness experience.

And you will be SHOCKED when you see how much you can improve in just 49 short days. I watched fat melt off my body in disbelief when I lost those stubborn 10 lbs that I couldn't lose with the help of healthy food diets no matter how hard I tried. Natural bodybuider Tom Venuto gives you proven strategies, combining nutrition and exercise, that skyrocket your success. His Inner Circle community gives you unparalleled support that keeps you inspired and on track.

Joining a contest can be the best decision that you can make for yourself in terms of health, exercise and nutrition.

2. But you don't have to start with going THAT public. Start with joining a fat loss community where you will find a lot of support.

Research shows that your social circle may make you gain weight. We intuitively know that, don't we? You eat with people who surround you. You eat what they eat, and let's face it, the tastiest things we like are not weight loss foods. You watch TV with friends and family... You gain weight!

What happens if you go online to find people with common goals? You get a new social circle and weight loss just starts happening.

You get to know interesting people. You share your goals with them, watch them get off their tracks and come back, support them and get supported. This is a circle where people will applaud, rather than condemn, you not eating that extra cookie that your mama made just for you. A circle where you can share your frustrations about your colleagues who seem to team up to feed you and sabotage your efforts. A circle where people don't make negative comments to put you down. A circle where leading experts answer your questions and show you the way to success. A circle that keeps you on track, celebrates your successes with you and relies on you to give others a hand when they need it.

A social circle where you lose weight

If you decide to try, see you there, at the Burn the Fat Inner Circle!

To your success,



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