Swine flu facts and useful links

  1. A weekly Influenza Survelliance report by Centre for Disease Control of the US (CDC)
    Every week, this report is updated with the most recent flu statistics, summary of tests for influenza, geographic spread of influenza, mortality and pediatric mortality data and other important statistics related to the swine flu.
  2. Possibly fraudulent product list
    FDA ( Federal Drug Administration) maintains this list of possibly fraudulent products claiming to be effective against swine flu (H1N1) but not approved for use in the US. This list is intended to alert consumers about Web sites that are or were illegally marketing unapproved, uncleared, or unauthorized products in relation to the 2009 H1N1 Flu Virus (sometimes referred to as the “swine flu” virus)
  3. Public Health Agency of Canada
  4. Vaccine information centre of Dr. Tenpenny


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