Garlic Tahini Salad Dressing: Anti-aging and anti-cancer

Looking for a low carb salad dressing? This tasty garlic tahini salad dressing is easy to make. The idea was inspired by the Organic Goddess Dressing by Simply Natural. I liked it a lot; however, I felt it could use less vinegar.

garlic tahini salad dressing recipe

Tahini Salad Dressing Health Benefits:

There are absolutely no artificial preservatives or natural flavours (aka MSG-like substances) in this dressing. In addition to that, this dressing delivers a whole list of health benefits. Let us list just a few:

  1. Sesame oil and garlic help to lower blood pressure
  2. Garlic provides great antiviral and antifungal protection
  3. Garlic helps to keep your arteries flexible and lowers cholesterol
  4. Parsley helps to keep your skin young. If you are over 40 and worry about wrinkles and skin aging, you should be eating parsley every day and applying it on your face regularly as part of facial masks or parsley ice cubes.
  5. All three ingredients help protect from several different types of cancer.

Note that most inexpensive commercial salad dressings contain igredients that kill your brain cells, plaque your arteries, and age your skin. So when you make your next salad, ask yourself if it REALLY delivers health benefits that you hoped to get out of it. Oftentimes, all health benefits of a salad get killed by the contents of the salad dressing. That's why I make my own with no bad fats and no unwanted additives.


Cooking Tips:

Amount of vinegar in the dressing is purely a personal taste. So when you prepare your own, I suggest that you add some vinegar right away, and, after tasting the result, you can substitute water for vinegar if you feel your tahini salad dressing tastes good already.

Just remember that dressing is never consumed on its own, so it does need to taste a bit excessive on salt and vinegar.

If you follow Paleo diet or Paleo cleanse and are not using vinegar, you can add lemon or lime juice instead of vine vinegar.

A thrifty chef, I reused the bottle from the original dressing ( you can see it on the picture).

Another tip: if you add less water, you will get an awesome tahini veggie dip.

Garlic Tahini Salad Dressing

  • 3-4 medium size garlic cloves ( 1 big)
  • ¼ cup parsley, chopped
  • ¾ cup water (dressing is runny at first and firms up in the fridge; see optional ingredients)
  • ½ cup sesame tahini
  • 5 tbsp white vine vinegar ( can be replaced with lemon juice)
  • salt
  • 2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds ( optional)
  • Optional: 2 more tbsp vinegar or ¼ extra cup water to adjust the dressing to your taste.
  1. Coarsely chop parsley and place it into your blender together with garlic
  2. Add salt, water and vinegar and blend well
  3. Add tahini, blend and taste. Adjust vinegar and water
  4. Optionally, add roasted sesame seeds


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