Why and how to choose a weight loss food plan?
Six tips how  to create your own.

Wonder how to lose 100 pounds or have a more modest goal to lose 10 pounds in a month? Having a well tuned weight loss food plan is critical to the success of your weight loss effort. So many people just make a decision that they need to lose 10 pounds fast, and jump into the action without any preparation. They starve themselves, then stuff themselves; and they lose time following fad diets, just to end up feeling desperate and looking even bigger. Be honest, how many diets have you tried in your lifetime?


I know this from my own experience. Been there, tried that. I found that my secret to successful permanent weight loss lies in sticking to a weight loss food plan. The moment I have decided to spend time to plan my meals was the breakthrough moment for me. I haven’t changed anything else, just started thinking in advance what to cook, then cooked, then ate what I cooked. And I was able to lose 10 pounds in 2 months without trying hard or doing anything else. It was that simple, I don;t know why I resisted for so long!

Recommended weight loss programs and meal plans

There are many weight loss food plans on Internet, so you can choose one that suits your palate and lifestyle. Make sure you choose a safe weight loss diet, meaning nothing extreme that can aggravate your health issues.

Check out my own free vegetarian meal plan, that contains healthy high protein vegetarian recipes that are quick and easy to cook. It is geared towards those who works out to burn the fat.

Another recommendation is a vegan diet for weight loss by Kardena Pauza. Her Easy Veggie Meal Plans are recommended by many fitness experts.

Shy away from meal plans that emphasize just one food item or magic supplement. They are usually deficient in nutrients and cannot be used for a long time.

What are the benefits of following a weight loss food plan?

From my own experience, there are not so obvious benefits of following a healthy weight loss plan in addition to just losing weight.

  • For me, it removed a lot of thinking about what to eat next. You know how much time have I freed? Try this interesting cognitive therapy technique for one day – just register how many times you think about food when you don’t have your weight loss food plan versus one day when you have it. You will be amazed how many anxious thoughts come to your mind when your lunch bag is left at home.
  • All of a sudden, I was saving a lot of money. My weight loss food plan used simple foods that were cheap and available. Any cooked meal that I would buy when I did not bring my lunch with me, would cost me at least 4 times more.
  • I was much less likely to binge on “bad” foods when on my vegetarian weight loss food plan. This is because I knew that I do have a next meal ready, and I only need to wait maximum an hour or two to get it.
  • I fine-tuned the amount of calories I was consuming to fit my lifestyle, and made sure I was not overeating. We underestimate the amount of calories we consume by an average of 30%, and this often stops our weight loss because we eat more than we spend.
  • I created pre- and post-workout meals that helped to grow muscle faster. As you probably know, the more muscle mass, the faster is yor metabolism, and the faster is your metabolism, the faster you burn fat!
  • I used only the best food for weight loss, only fat burning foods were in. My weight loss food plan worked for me even in my sleep.

How to create your own weight loss meal plan?

The easiest way is to get the recipes of fat burning meals that you like to eat. Then split recommended portions in smaller ones so that you could eat 5-6 times a day.

  • You need 5-6 meals per day
  • Do not eat after 7-8 p.m. with the exception of the post-workout snack.
  • Take someone else’s plan and adjust it to your needs. Take advantage of my free vegetarian weight loss program, try it for a week and see inches disappear from your waistline.
  • However, if you prefer to eat some meat or fish, you can easily add it to my weight loss food plan. Make sure to choose lean cuts.
  • Count calories at least for several days, especially if you feel that you do everything right and still not losing weight.
  • Use smart food combining for weight loss.

I hope you will check out my unique vegetarian weight loss meal plan. It is easy and quick, healthy and tasty. I love my food, and if you do, too, you will  find that my recipes please your palate and fill out your stomach. And help you to lose those last 10 pounds fast.



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