Health benefits of parsley and parsley recipes

Wonder what are parsley health benefits and nutritional value? Parsley (petroselinum sativum) is used in folk medicine since the ancient times, and modern research had only confirmed parsley's medical benefits. Adding even a little bit to your food ( see parsley recipes) improves your health. Here are the top health benefits of parsley: parsley picture

  • Strengthens bones
  • Protects your heart
  • Protects against cancer
  • Fights urinary tract infections.

Healthy food for seniors and kids

National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute of the USA has confirmed previous studies that getting at least 100 micrograms of vitamin K a day can cut your risk of bone fracture. Parsley is one of top ten healthy foods providing 90 micrograms in just one quarter of a cup!

Vitamin K is essential to healthy bone growth. That’s why parsley is an excellent healthy food for kids and seniors. Vitamin K content makes parsley an anticoagulant, something to remember if you are on the blood thinner medication.

Parsley keeps you young. Vitamins C and A in parsley provide antioxidants; applied to skin as a part of face masks, parsley keeps your skin looking radiant.

Healthy food for the heart

Flavonoids, natural antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables, reduce your risk of dying of heart disease. Scientists believe they prevent cholesterol build-up in your arteries and boost body’s own immune system. Parsley contains several important flavonoids, and this makes it a healthy food for the heart.

Healthy food for cancer prevention

Eating raw parley may reduce your risk of hormone-related tumors. Apigenin, the same flavonoid, that works against heart disease, appears to help against breast and prostate cancer. In addition, vitamin C in parsley combats cancer and boosts your immune system.

Parsley recipes

It so happened, that most of the healthy recipes on this site contain parsley. We use it a lot, and you could too! We grow parsley, dehydrate parsley, preserve and freeze it in order to ensure we eat enough of the organically grown one. Here is the short list of recipes with high parsley content:

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