Three Tips And Five Ideas Of Weight Loss Exercise Plans That Don’t Involve Gym

If gym is the place you hate (or simply have no time to visit), one of the home weight loss exercise plans could be the best solution for you. If you need to lose weight but have no time to dedicate to this exciting process, you can still select a type of exercise that fits into your life.

Let me share some ideas with you. Hopefully you will find one or two new ideas in the list that you did not try... yet!

But before I go into weight loss exercise plans, allow me to share three tips that can triple your chances of success

Three Tips How To Be Successful And Effective Using a No-Gym Exercise Plan

  1. Pick the exercise you like. Pick the activity you can enjoy and schedule it.

    This is important because if you take your exercise is a duty, a chore, you will not stick to it. When you are under stress, (and let’s face it, most of us are), such unwanted exercise becomes a stressor instead of a stress relief. Your mind will try to get rid of extra stressors and balance your life with some pleasures ( or guilty pleasures, such as food), and that’s why you will struggle to keep exercising.

    Doing the activity you like increases amount of "happy hormones" in your body and helps fight stress. The less stress hormone, cortisone, you have in your body, the better you lose weight.

  2. Always supplement your exercise weight loss plan with diet plan.
  3. Diet without exercise and exercise without diet are both doomed to fail. You will struggle an uphill battle if you don’t have a diet plan that helps you lose weight. Check out my Vegetarian weight loss plan, or use any recipes from this website. They all are low fat whole food recipes that will keep you satiated and support your weight loss.

  4. Try different things.
  5. This idea usually meets the most resistance. We like sticking to familiar things, and as adults we often afraid to start new things for fear of looking bad doing them. I find that many people I talked to are especially apprehensive of two activities: dancing and yoga. With dancing, I can understand. After all, people are afraid of public humiliation. I don’t know what is it about yoga that men are so suspicious about? Many of them would rather pay a visit to a proctologist than to a yoga studio.

    Yet, it is through trying and getting over your initial apprehension that you expand your horizons, learn new things and meet new people.

Five Ideas Of Weight Loss Exercise Plans

Here are some ideas that I tried. I am now sorry I have resisted some of them for a long time. How much fun have I missed!

  • Dancing is a great exercise both for body and for the mind. Sign up for a weekly dance class. Try salsa, swing, or zouk. You will be amazed how well it works. If you commit to your weekly sessions and prepay for the season, you won’t miss them. You will make friends.

    Most of the dance schools in Toronto provide a free lesson or orientation class. Most styles don’t require brining a partner.

    Even if you think you have two left feet, I hope you will try dancing. It is one of the best, happiest activities I have ever done.

  • Hot yoga is an amazing way to get better sleep, reduce back pain and strengthen your core. I have ignored yoga for many years, but when I finally tried it, I was mad at myself for all those years I lost thinking it was not for me. I felt the difference in my abs after only six sessions. If you are in Toronto, here is your chance to try hot bikram yoga with great teachers without long term commitment: Bikram Yoga Forest Hill
  • Walking is another underappreciated and underused way to get back in shape. If you download your favourite recordings - either music, or e-books, and listen to them only when you walk, you will be very inclined to go outside on the fresh air and walk more. Brisk walk and walk with various intensity ( one minute fast, half a minute slow) works the best. There are groups on where people interested in walking congregate.
  • Running is not for everybody, and certainly not my cup of tea. Yet, I know people who thought they would never run, and they start doing this and become running addicts. Check out this post by Iron Simba: How I started Running Outdoors
  • Free body weight workouts at home. Read about 10 minute workout plans that you can do at home and check out Cory’s videos. If you want super effective home exercise programs, you can get Turbulence Training Home Workouts to get more ideas of home based workouts.

When gym is not an option, you can still build your weight loss exercise plan using these activities, or whatever other ones you dare to try. Exercise is absolutely necessary to support your weight loss diet plan, so why not start exploring and see where it takes you?


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